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Its been quite some time now that I wanted to start a weblog, publishing my thoughts about various matters, mostly technology and computer related. I was wondering if I should start a personal blog like most people do, but to be honest this has become something like a "trend" in our times that I turned that idea down. However shortly afterwards I thought that my personal blabbing could actually interest some DVD-Guides.com readers! That, combined with the fact that this site is my first and older project (hey we have been 4 years online!) made me take the decision to host this blog here.

What should you expect to read from me? Technology news and commenting, open source project's reviews, Linux-love posts and hardware proposals. Hey I may even post a couple of personal stuff, I hope you don't mind! Actually I expect my blog to be pretty boring, but if you have what it takes to read my awesome stuff you might as well leave a comment even if you just want to say "Hey dude you discovered blogs in 2007, well done!".

In the other hand if you find what you read exciting or worth mentioning put me a link would you? :)

Thats all for today, I am off to get some time and think of my first "real" post!



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