This guide is here to show you how to copy a DVD-5 or a DVD-9 to an empty DVD±R disc. As you know DVD Decrypter only rips and burns the disc so if you are about to burn a DVD-9 disc, you burned should be one of the new ones that support DL media. If not please read another guide about how to shrink a DVD-9 disc in order to fit in a DVD-5 DVD-R. As usual download DVD Decrypter from our tools download section by clicking here and proceed with the guide!


When we start DVD Decrypter we have to select the right Mode. Most of you probably have File or IFO enabled, so open the Mode menu and select ISO->Read.

Insert your DVD into the drive and at the Source value select the right drive.

After you check this select the source folder (2) and then click (3) to start the decryption.

Just wait for the program to do it's job, it shouldn't take more than 15-40 minutes. When it finishes, we are ready to go at the next step.

Now it's time to write our DVD. To do that we have to change Mode again, so we select the Mode menu and we go ISO->Write.

Just click the button the arrow shows and select the MDS file that the program has created before. Note that if you have FAT disk system there are going to be more than 1 ISO files, just select the MDS file and click OK.

Now enter the empty DVD at your DVD writer. Select the DVD writer as destination and enable BURN-Proof (1), of course if your driver supports it. (2) Here select DVD as write mode and MAX for the record speed. Finally click (3) and wait for the burn to finish. Now you have a new DVD which has exactly the same quality as the original one and of course contains all the menus, extras etc.

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