I can understand that updates were not a usual thing in this site the past year, however as I have finally managed to buy all the high definition equipment I needed, plus a faster PC, I am now working full-time preparing articles and guides that will help you decode the new format's mystery in the way you have used to when visiting DVD-Guides.com: step by step and in plain, non technical language. In the next weeks I will posting about one article every 4 or 5 days, and guide you through the most common processes of the Blu-ray and AVCHD formats: copying Blu-ray discs, burning a Blu-ray, ripping Blu-ray to mkv, mp4 or DVD, demuxing and authoring.

Also we have created a notification system via email for all the contact forms, as well as the forums. Just ask your question under a guide or in the forums and one of our 4 person crew of video enthusiasts and specifists will find an answer to your problem as soon as possible, and of course, for free.

Unfortunately the lack of updates in the last year has reduced our usual number of visits a lot. And this is where we require your help to spread the word about DVD-Guides.com: At the end of each article, right above the comments area we have added some social bookmarks buttons. If you find a guide interesting, please use these buttons to share the article with your friends in Facebook, twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon and about every social service out there. Imagine if 10 of your do it every day, and 10 of your friends visit us, we will have 100 new visitors every day. Another good idea is to share our guides in forums, discussions and emails when you help a friend or stranger on a video-related task. You might know the answer yourself, but a link back to your source will help us greatly.

Thats all for now, looking forward to your feedback and help!

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    i want no how download mango videos form youtube plz tell me boss [email protected]
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    AnyDVD is too expensive, I use MakeMKV to 1:1 copy to MKV, then use handbrake convert mkv, totally ...
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    Thank you very much, I have never found the OST of ''The Warrior's Way'' movie and now I have al ...
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