The latest version of DVD2One includes an improved join feature. Personally it's my favourite join program as you can easily compress your movies to fit into 1 disc, but you can also add titles without any pause between them, something very usefull if you want to remove something or join two-sided discs.
Before you start the guide, make sure you have ripped the DVDs you want to use in your hard disk. You can find a guide for that here.


Start DVD2One. Click Select (1) and select the folder that contains the DVD files of your first DVD. Then select the output folder (2) - make sure it is an empty one. Next step is to select the target size (3). Of course you select DVD±R(W). You can also select to burn with CopyToDVD if you have it installed. Then select Join mode (4) and variable ratio (5) and click Next (6).

Here select the title you want to use (I have selected the main movie) and click Next.

Then you can select the cell / chapters/ layers (1) you want to process. I am copying the whole movie, so I selected all of them (2), you can remove any of them if you want. When you're done click Next.

Here just select the audio tracks you want (1) and the subtitles (2) and click Next (3). Make sure you remove all the audio tracks except one if you are joining two movies in one DVD, in order to save space and improve quality.

This is the next screen. Click select (1) to select the folder that contains the files of the second DVD you have (or the same one if you want to add another title). Then select Non seamless or seamless (2). If you are joining two movies select non, if you want your selections to have no gap between them select seamless. Deselect Advanced Navigation Mode (3) and click Join. (4)

After you click Join you'll have to follow again the steps 2-5. Repeat until you have added all the titles you want. Then click Start.

Click yes if you see that screen, we already know that!

Just wait for the process to finish and you are finished!


#4 badeguruji 2007-11-21 00:59
with DVD Flick. easy and hight quality too.

thank you.
#3 spark 2007-10-09 08:10
I have downloaded animated movies in my hard disk. I want to put all these movies into regular DVD 4.7. Is it possible to put multiple movies wiith different movie formats into one DVD.
#2 ChristianDF 2007-05-05 16:39
You can use TMPGEnc DVD Author for the menu, another one you can use is convertxtodvd.
#1 chorley 2005-08-01 07:09
I have tried DVD Shrink and i am now trying DVD2ONE. Seems to work but what i would like to know is when you put your burned DVD disk in the player instead of flicking through the first film to get to the second film how can i add a menu that can be used with player remote control. It would make it easier. Thanks

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