Ahead software just released the new version of Nero Recode, Recode 2. This new program also includes Nero Digital, the new video codec developed by ahead software, which is based on MPEG4 like DivX and XviD. We have another guide about encoding a DVD To Nero Digital, in this one, we are going to show how to copy a DVD-9 to an empty DVD using Nero Recode.
You can download the latest version of Nero Recode from the site of ahead software, note that you must have Nero Burning ROM for Nero Recode to work. (I suggest you also get version of Nero 6).
What you should know about Nero Recode is that the creator of the famous freeware program DVD Shrink was working for this program, so it has to be good. After working with this program I can say that it should be named DVD Shrink v4! It has all the features of DVD Shrink, but also many more features like DVD burning and other we are going to see right now! Let's start!


Launch Nero Recode 2. In the first screen you should select what you want to do. Select Copy Entire DVD to DVD.

Note: As Nero Recode tells you at this very first screen it will not copy commercial (protected) discs. You'll have to get a software like AnyDVD in order to use Nero Recode with these discs. I suggest you get it while you can because even more programs under the fear of lawsuits stop supporting protected discs. (like CloneDVD, DVD2One).

This is the main window of Nero Recode 2. Select Import DVD to open the DVD you want to copy.

Select the VIDEO_TS folder of your DVD (remember that you should have a program like AnyDVD running to use a commercial DVD). Then click OK.
An Analyzing window will come up. Here it starts looking like DVD Shrink, doesn't it? Just wait for it to finish.

Now your movie is loaded. The Video Quality (1) shows the compression, (2) Shows the audio tracks of the title you have selected and (3) is the target size. Set (3) to DVD-5 as this is the size of file we want to create.

We are now going to see how to remove some unwanted stuff.

Select some Extras you want to remove. If you want to remove them all you can just select "Extras". Then click "Disable".

Here we should select what we want to replace the item we have removed with so that it remains playable.

First option is Slide Show, which is what we knew as Still Pictures in DVD Shrink, which is useless and takes big enough space so we ignore it.
Custom picture will show a picture which tells that this feature is not there. We can use Nero Recode's default one or select another one (2).
Finally Custom Color just shows a solid color and nothing more in the place of the item we removed. Takes the less space.

After you have selected what you want click OK.

Finally your main window should look like this.

Finally we are going to remove any audio tracks we don't want in order to save space.

Select the Title under the Main Movie as arrow (1) shows. Then at Audio tab (arrow 2) deselect the audio track you don't need.
At the Subpicture tab deselect any subtitles you don't need.

After that click Next (3).

At Burn Option you have to select the Destination. Here we are going to select our DVD writer so that we burn the disc rightaway.
Hard Disk Folder saves the files that Nero Recode creates so that you can burn them later and Image Recorder creates an ISO image which we can also burn later.

Writing speed and Number of copies don't need explaination...

Burn-at-once (1) burns the DVD real-time, while Recode encodes the DVD. This way you can save the burning time but any problem with the encoding will result a destroyed disc. I suggest you don't use it, and if you do make sure you have a powerful computer.

Advanced analysis (2) is DVD Shrink's Deep Analysis. Will create a better copy but it will also take the double time, the choice is yours...

Finally click Burn.

Finally the program encodes and burns the disc.

I really liked Nero Recode 2. It offers all that DVD Shrink does and also supports DVD burning and produces a little better quality video in less time.
I think that with the last update Nero 6 Suite is all that a user needs!

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