by hornswaggler502

This guide assumes that you have a Mac capable of playing back DVDs and are running OS X. It also assumes you have already installed Handbrake per the instructions.


Open Handbrake. You will now see the main window offering you the choice of using a DVD or a DVD folder.

Now, insert your DVD into your Mac and play it briefly in Apple's DVD Player to authorize the disc. (Sometimes this helps the disc to copy without errors.) The disc will then show up in the Handbrake main menu under "Detected Volume".
If you are using a DVD folder instead, select "DVD Folder" and then click the browse button to locate the appropriate folder.

Click "Open" and Handbrake will analyze the DVD or DVD Folder.

When done, you will then be presented with a new window offering you choices on how you want the movie and it's audio compressed and where to send the final output movie. From here, you will need to configure the type of movie you want Handbrake to produce. If you wish to remove the letterboxing black bars or want to resize your movie, click the "Crop & Scale" button now.

If you click "Autocrop", it will automatically crop around any letterboxing black bars for you, giving you a clean movie. Otherwise, you can set the width, how much cropping etc here. When done, click "Close".

Now we are ready to start processing the movie. Click the "Rip" button you saw in step 4 and Handbrake will now start working on your movie. This will take a while depending on the speed of your computer and how big the movie you are processing is.

When it finishes, you will now have a MP4 movie ready for backing up, or watching on your computer.
For more information on Handbrake, visit the Handbrake website and make sure to visit our forums in the Mac section for help with Handbrake as well.

This guide © hornswaggler502 2004


#12 jleirn 2010-12-18 14:47
In the most cases, we can use an ipod to computer transfer software to help us to copy ipod to computer and copy ipod to computer.
#11 savoytown 2010-11-26 18:10
I have tried to several dvd's with the 64 bit version and every time I do; will will start analyzing the disc, get the last chapter or so and just stall. I have re-downloaded the program and made sure i have the 64 bit version of VLC. Any ideas?
#10 abdullah mufasa 2010-07-16 08:50
Yep, can't imagine anything simpler to use with Handbrake's functionality. Good set of the most commonly needed filters and a nice advanced x264 options screen with hover-on explanations of different settings, which I really appreciate. Shame there isn't anything like AutoGK for x264 yet. There was AutoMKV, the development of which was discontinued, and now the author's current project is HDConvertToX which I had problems getting to work under Windows 7.
#9 riot 2010-04-14 11:30
Are there product easier to use then Handbrake? Yeah and they have crappy quality output.
Are there any with better quality, yeah but they are harder to use (if you want all the feature's Handbrake offers)
Handbrake is the middle ground it's easy to use with quality output, and it is stable software.

If you need support just visit the website, (or other website about video encoding). They have a wiki, FAQ, IRC, and Forums. Who ever said "no support" did look for support. Of course the way he was pushing another product in his message made it quit obvious he was just bad mouthing handbrake to convince people to use his advised product over handbrake.
+1 #8 bob marley16 2009-10-17 01:27
What output setting do i need to simply make another dvd?
#7 Ageel 2009-07-25 06:47
HandBrake is very popular, I can see it on many website, this is benefit from free. On the other hand, it is difficult to use for beginner, lack support and weak stability. HandBrake attend technology and ignore user experience. I consider iFunia is better than it.
#6 tperry 2009-03-31 10:47
what setting do i need to use to convert a dvd to a mpeg so i can import the mpeg into aftereffects. i am using the older version of handbrake for os10.4.
+1 #5 RAS 2007-11-29 02:32
Its asking me for a source....whats the source i should be using?
#4 jayme 2007-08-30 05:04
I'm also only getting the first few minutes is there a way to correct this...
#3 Jayke 2007-08-24 11:31
download iSquint to convert avi, mpgs, FLV's etc to mp4 for psp and ipod

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