Sometimes you want to split an AVI file in order to make it fit in a CD, but then you want to join it again so that you can watch the whole movie without stop or you want to put it in a DVD-R. Follow this guide to easily join an AVI file with VirtualDub. If you have splitted an AVI file with our AVI split guide then read the additional steps to joins these files without repeating the key-frames again. If your video fies contain VBR Mp3 sound please use VirtualDubMod which you can find, as well as the original VirtualDub here.



Open VirtualDub. Then select Video -> Direct stream copy

Next go to Audio and select Source audio and Direct stream copy.

Then select File -> Open video file.

Here select the first one of the video files you want to join and select Open.

Now select File -> Append AVI segment. You can do this as many times to add as many AVI files you want.

Finally select File -> Save as AVI and save the whole video.

Name it anyway you want and click Save.

This is the process window. Wait about 15-30 minutes for it to finish and there you go!



If you have splitted the AVI file with our AVI Split guide then you have to do some more steps. That's because we added a key-frame (about 3-4 sec) of the first part to the second part to be sure that we are not going to lose a second. So:

Follow the above guide until Step 4 then do the steps below and continue the guide above from Step 5 to the end.

Then click button (1) than button (2) and then button (3).
After that click button (1), then button (2) and then press DEL at your keyboard or go Edit -> Delete selection.


#18 Thanks :D 2011-08-27 11:18
Just what i have been looking for :D thanks you so much :D
#17 VespaMan 2011-01-12 03:48
This was the simplicity I was looking for!
#16 PCLM 2010-07-17 04:36
Joining AVI files using the method above works great for me, but for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on my PS3 isn't able to play the joined version of the movie even though it's able to play the segmented version. It's puzzling to me because the guide above tells us to use "Direct stream copy" which means no re-encode takes place, so logically the video should play on the PS3 if it played successfully before the join, but it doesn't. This happens with all of the movies I've tried joining, which at this stage amounts to about 6.

Any ideas?

Cheers dudes/dudettes!
#15 Junior_Brasil 2010-05-02 15:29
I just want to thank you very much for this guide.
I've never used VirtualDub, but with this guide I just did the job with no problems what so ever.

Keep the good work. ;]
#14 pedram 2009-12-02 23:15
i want to join "lord of the ring" axxo 2-cd release and have one file but the cd-1 is 48 KHZ and cd-2 is 44.1 KHZ (both are 112kb/s). got error:
"the audio streams do not share a common sampling rate"

and also can't use "compression" option to change one into other! got the error:
"Error initializing audio stream compression:
The audio codec cannot compress the source audio to desired format"

when i use "conversion" option for 44.1 the result will save in 48 but again can't join, the same error!

what can i do?
#13 Ismail 2009-06-24 06:58
AWESOME program - does the avi joining in much less time than any other program I've used and it does it perfectly. There is one type of file that it can't join yet and that is an xvid but I'm sure that will be addressed at some point.

Great job guys - I love this program.
#12 DiscoStu 2008-04-29 20:11
Jfuse ( is a simple utility that allows you to join/split AVI/MPEG/WMV files. It doesn't have the functionality of Virtual Dub, but it makes this process very simple.
#11 jadewarrior 2008-04-13 13:15
stargate ark vid runs on win but want dvd it
i converted 2 .mkv to .avi files with win media player to achieve this
see last post by warocks here
then got to here but the avi is no recognised by the viddub portable thing
if u can help send to
[email protected]
good tutor :-)
avicodec says
files is mkv no other codec info >is .avi tho lol
#10 old bloke 2008-04-07 01:01
an avi is a type of RIFF or resource interchange file format the message is prolly coming up because virtualdub mod isn't reading that in the file header. get avicodec a piece of freeware listed in the tools section here and make sure that what you have does in fact conform to the avi standard.
#9 AVI_newbie 2008-04-02 02:20
i am using VirtualDubMod to join two segments of an AVI file and get the error message "Invalid AVI file: Not a RIFF file" when i try to append the second segment.

can you help?


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