Netflix has dropped the monthly price on three of its DVD rental plans.  Subscribers will now get $1 off every month for the one, two and three DVD plans which also include streaming video...

Customers who rent up to three DVDs at a time will now pay $16.99 while two and single DVD renters will pay $13.99 and $8.99 respectively.  The plans also include 9 to 17 hours worth of streaming video a month.

Netflix is facing increasing competition from BlockBuster’s Total Access plan which lets subscribers return DVDs to retail locations.  For an extra dollar per month on the $16.99 plan, Total Access subscribers can also rent DVDs from stores.  While the plan is slightly more expensive than Netflix, movie junkies can get more value from Total Access since they don’t have to wait for the postal service to deliver and return the movies.

Netflix had another $1 price cut earlier this year.

Source: TgDaily

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