The top program in our downloads database, based in number of times downloaded, is no other than DivXToDVD. Now you may ask why I mention that in this guide! Well the reason is no other than the fact that ConvertXToDVD is VSO Software's premium conversion software, replacing DivXToDVD which has ceased development.

What does it offer? Improved speed, support of dozens of formats (including avi, mpg, mov, wmv, mkv, ogm and more!), menu and subtitles support, build-in DVD burner, DVD to DVD copy, DV (digital camera format) to DVD conversion, both NTSC and PAL formats and conversion between them. And all these in a user-friendly yet powerful enviroment we will clarify in this guide. Before you ask, yes I do believe its the best all-to-DVD converter out there, and I've tried many, from the freeware to the most expensive one. And on top of that it is very well supported by a well respected company offering you dozens of upgrades every year for free.

You can download ConvertXToDVD free trial version by clicking here.

Step 1


This is the main ConvertXToDVD windows. May seem a little too basic now but you'll soon see how efficient it can be. For the beginning lets go to Settings -> General.

Step 2


What we will set here is the working folder, which is the folder that ConvertXToDVD will save the DVD files before burning them to a DVD. Make sure that the drive that the folder is in has at least 5GB free and set the working folder. (1) We will set the rest of the settings in the next steps, so for now click OK. (2)



We are back to the main windows and its time to add some file to our DVD. Click the add button and select the file or files you want to convert.



The files are now added as you see, however we will deal with their settings later. First comes the DVD's menu. Click the little cross (1) to reveal all options for the Menu item. Lets see the options one by one. First you can set the DVD title that will appear on the top of the menu by double-clicking on it and setting the name (2). Next, you can set the background image by double clicking on Background and select the image you want to use (there are many nice one in ConvertXToDVD's folder and you can use any of your own pictures you want). Or you can choose one of the many ready templates available (3) and then customise with your music and background image if you want.

Auto start playback will auto-begin playing the first video when you enter the DVD in the player instead of showing the menu, Loop playback can be used if you want the DVD to repeat playback indefinitely by default and Sequential playback will play all videos in a row instead of returning back in the menu. The two font settings can be used to set the font and size of the menu's Title and Items.



Right next comes the video properties. First you can see that the audio of each video has been automatically imported (1) as ConvertXToDVD supports almost all formats. But you can also add you own audio (for example commentary) by right-clicking on Audio and selecting Add Audio Channel. You can also click on each audio channel and set the language. Then we move to the subtitle settings. Right click on 0 Subtitle Stream and select Add Subtitle Channel (2) in order to add as many subtitle streams as you like. After you add them you can set the language and font size settings. Please note that if the subtitles are in the same desktop and have the same filename as the video they'll be automatically added. Finally you can review the Chapters (3) and add more if you like as well as change the Menu text which is what will appear in the main menu as the title of this video. Follow the same steps to configure all your videos and move to the next step.

If some cases when working with Matroska (.mkv) files that include subtitles, ConvertXToDVD may fail to load them. You can easily solve this by extracting the subtitles from the .mkv file and add them in your DVD the way shown above. If you wonder how you can achieve that just read this guide and you are set!



We are finally ready to convert. You may want of course to preview your DVD before you start converting. To do that click the Preview button (1) and you can take a look at the whole DVD, including the menus. Also note the quality that is being displayed as a traffic light (2). Excellent and good are fine and you should proceed, if you get "Bad" (the red light!) remove a video file to get it back to "Good" or the quality will greatly suffer. Easy enough? When you decide you are satisfied with the result click Convert (3) to start the converting process! Make sure you put an empty DVD in your DVD burner drive as well.



When the conversion has finished a window like this will pop-up where you can select some settings about the burning (1) and change the volume name (2). When you are done click Burn (3). Keep in mind that this window will only be open for about 30secs since the conversion finishes and if you are not around it will start burning the DVD automatically so you don't really have to worry about this step as the default settings are fine.



Finally burning finishes and your new DVD is ready for your player!

You can download ConvertXToDVD free trial version by clicking here or check VSO's homepage for more info here. If you need any assistance you can post in our forums for help!


#69 afonic-sp-1549927864 2012-05-20 14:19
As you add more files, the program lowers the bitrate of the DVD so that it can fit more video time in the DVD.

That is why it informs you of the impact it has on the quality of the video (see step 6, number 2).
+1 #68 JericoRC 2012-05-20 13:35
P.S Please scratch my inquiries re: Steps 7-8. It just popped-out. My main inquiry is about the disk space. THANK YOU again.
#67 JericoRC 2012-05-20 13:33
Hello. I just want to thank you for your simple and practical steps in using this program. It is currently burning on my DVD-RW and still awaiting results. One thing that arouses my curiosity is that can this program determine the remaining disk space of the blank CD/DVD if I ever I would want to add at least more than 3 files? Would it inform me that I had consumed the entire disk space? And also how come Steps 7-8 didn't applied during my usage with this program? When I clicked Convert from Step 6, it automatically burned to disk. Please let me know. THANK YOU!
#66 stanly 2012-05-17 03:01
i am using convertXtoDVD to convert matroska files. for some reason it does not recognize the audio properly. it plays the audio at a fast speed ,even when you load the file into the software and just try and listen before converting the file.any ideas as to what's wrong?
#65 Mr. Mike 2012-04-29 14:30
Quoting Dean Serra:
I converted an mp4 file to the DVD format ,and it didn't play in my DVD player.It said unsupportable format. However the DVD will play on the computer. What happened ,and why won't the DVD play on a DVD player ?

You may want to check if its set to NTFS or PAl. You may have burned a PAl, which wouldn't work in a DVD player sold in the US.
#64 afonic-sp-1549927864 2012-03-13 10:09

did you burn your DVD with ConvertXToDVD?

How old is your DVD player?
+3 #63 Dean Serra 2012-03-11 23:24
I converted an mp4 file to the DVD format ,and it didn't play in my DVD player.It said unsupportable format. However the DVD will play on the computer. What happened ,and why won't the DVD play on a DVD player ?
#62 afonic-sp-1549927864 2011-06-10 10:56
If the subs show in your PC but not in your DVD player, you probably need to enable them using your remote.
#61 nollzz 2011-06-10 03:10
mine, success burn. video/audio perfect but no english subs. but when i played it on my pc it works but on dvd player. no subs, disappointed coz the movie is in japanese language. LOL
#60 afonic-sp-1549927864 2011-04-05 11:48
Quoting pequeno:
I've converted and burned a few dvds [....] happend to the audio?

Seems like the audio from your last files did not get processed. Did ConvertXtoDVD add an audio track when you imported the file? Can you check with MediaInfo what codec the audio uses?

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